Joint project "Care for Yourself" for women in Zakarpattia continues

Joint project "Care for Yourself" for women in Zakarpattia continues


The first shift of the project "Care for Yourself", which is jointly organized by the Medical Aid Committee in Zakarpattya and the NGO "Creative Volunteers", has passed.

As part of the project, a group of 11 women had the opportunity to attend 14 thematic meetings aimed at building experience of psycho-emotional support, social cohesion, and integration of women into active life in Uzhhorod. To make participation in the events more comfortable, the organizers took care of a separate children’s group.

Each meeting combined psycho-emotional support practices and a kind of workshops, where women made jewelry, candles, decor, etc. in a relaxed atmosphere of friendly communication.

Thus, accompanied by specialists and experts, the participants, including local residents and internally displaced persons, talked about personal growth, created a wish map, discussed rethinking familiar things, stress resistance, dreams, family ties, tried tactile practices through the creation of rolling candles, etc.

The project’s activities are ongoing, with another round of important and, according to the participants, therapeutic meetings ahead.

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