PrykhystOK in Uzhhorod: another story of a new life

PrykhystOK in Uzhhorod: another story of a new life


We continue to introduce you to the residents of the temporary accommodation facility for IDPs "PrykhystOK" in Uzhhorod, where currently 18 people live, 11 of whom are children.

Kateryna Voytenko, 34 years old (Kharkiv). She lives in a shelter with her mother and three children – sons aged 7 and 9 and a little daughter.

Kateryna, late in her pregnancy with two young children, was caught by a full-scale invasion of russian troops in Kharkiv, one of the epicenters of enemy attacks.

"We left home on the first day of the war and learned about the war early in the morning on February 24. My husband called me around 5 a.m. and said that the war had started. At first I didn’t believe it, because I was doing housework until late at night and went to bed when there was still peace. Then I started receiving calls from my mother and friends, and I learned that the city was under fire, that there were queues to leave the city. Then we also packed some things that, in fact, turned out to be completely unnecessary and left for Poltava. On the way, I managed to forget my money in a coffee shop. But I was in such a state that nothing seemed important, just to survive. Our daughter Milana was born in Poltava, but there were few job prospects there, so we moved to Lviv. We rented an apartment there, enrolled our children in educational institutions and sports clubs, and found jobs. However, due to the significant rise in rent, we had to look for other options. Luckily, my husband was offered a job in Zakarpattia, and we went to the city of Khust", Kateryna tells her story.

At first, the family lived in the CAMZ shelter in Nyzhnye Selyshche village, Khust district, then in Mukachevo, and then circumstances brought Katya, her children, husband and mother to Uzhhorod. Through another humanitarian mission, Kharkiv residents learned about the "PrykhystOK" of the Medical Aid Committee in Zakarpattya, and part of the family – women and children – settled there.

"We have been living here for a month and a half. The committee paid for the kindergarten where the youngest goes. The boys study at a local school and play in a soccer section. We were well received at the shelter. In general, this institution saved us when we were looking for a place to live. It is very difficult to plan anything for the future now. We know that some of our property in Kharkiv has been destroyed, including my home. And the security situation in the city is terrible, so we are considering moving abroad", the woman said.

This is another story of people who, because of the war, found themselves in Zakarpattia for the first time, who were forced to change their homes for temporary accommodation for internally displaced persons, who have to make important decisions about their tomorrow for the first time, having no idea how long this "tomorrow" will last and what challenges they will face.

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