Assistance to refugees and migrants

History of mankind is a history of rights asserting by individuals and communities of people.

History of mankind is a history of migration and displacement. This process cannot be stopped by any restrictions and prohibitions; not only because a desire for a better life and freedom from oppression and persecution is natural to everyone - but also because the right to freedom of movement is an inalienable right of every human being. However, not all people voluntarily change their place of residence — a lot of people have to do this fearing for their life.

Today, many politicians in different countries of Europe try to depict, in particular, migrants and refugees as a threat to order and “stability”. However, we know from history that hate and intolerance stirring up leads to mass tragedies, and every one can be at the place of a persecuted person.

The work with refugees, asylum seekers and migrants has stood along with work with disabled persons, which is the principal activity of the Committee.

We provide them with expert legal advice and legal support on the following issues:

  • procedures for obtaining refugee status, complementary and subsidiary protection in Ukraine;
  • procedures to appeal refusal in registration of documents and the granting of refugee status;
  • procedures for obtaining immigration permits, permanent and temporary residence in Ukraine;
  • procedures of naturalization;
  • legal grounds for staying in Ukraine, responsibility for violation of stay and residence order procedure on detention and deportation from Ukraine;
  • employment, education, receiving medical care in Ukraine;
  • marriage, birth registration;
  • representation in the courts, State Migration Service of Ukraine, other state bodies.

Why do we do this?

If not knowing and not understanding the human rights, it is impossible to protect them — neither yourself nor others. In a society, where the rights of even one person are violated — no one is protected.

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