Workshops in Vilshany Orphanage

Workshops in Vilshany Orphanage


Medical Aid Committee in Transcarpathia together with the specialists of the Association "Parasolka" conducts workshops every year for the staff of the Center "Parasolka" in the town of Tyachiv. The experts pay attention Vilshany Orphanage as well. In 2015 the workshop for the teaching staff of this institution was conducted by Henny Graf at the support of MACZ Project Coordinator Kateryna Baleha.

This year we decided to pay attention not only to school classes of children but to work with them during their stay in the groups – Kateryna Baleha tells. - As namely the inmates of Vilshany Orphanage spent most time there.

The staff of the Medical Aid Committee in Transcarpathia Nadiya Danch and Kateryna Baleha together with their colleague Chantal Moore (Switzerland) held the first preparatory work with the staff.

In March 2016 the important questions of children education in the orphanage were considered in the course of 3 days:

  • the possibility of individual approach in work with wards;
  • teaching methods on self-servicing skills;
  • types of activities, games and rest in the day stay rooms.

The experts have noted that a small number of staff remains to be the biggest problem in these institutions. To take care for sometimes twenty almost adult young people, the staffing table provides for only 1 employee!

In June-July of the current year CO MACZ has planned to conduct week-long workshop for the staff and together with its participants to develop the concept of daily employment for young adults from the orphanage.

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