Charitable organization "Medical Aid Committee in Zakarpattya" is a regional partner of Travelling Docudays UA in Transcarpathian region. This year the organization plans to hold a Documentary Films Festival on human rights from December 02 - 10 in Uzhhorod in the premises of cultural-historical center "Sovyne Hnizdo" (Owl's Nest) in Uzhhorod. These events are held in the week of the All-Ukrainian Week of Law, including December 10 - Human Rights Day celebrated to commemorate the proclamation Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the UN General Assembly in 1948. All events within the frames of Travelling Festival Docudays UA are free.

Brief information about the Traveling Docudays UA:

Traditionally the XIII Traveling International Documentary Film Festival on Human Rights Docudays UA starts in October. This year's best documentary films on human rights will be offered to watch for the residents of more than 250 cities and towns of Ukraine. Traveling Docudays UA will last till December inclusively and will visit the following regions Kyiv, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhya, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kropivnytskyi, Lviv, Luhansk, Poltava, Kherson, Chernihiv, Chernivtsi, Ternopil, Volyn, Donetsk, Zhytomyr, Kharkiv, Vinnytsya, Odesa, Sumy, Transcarpathian, Mykolaiv, Rivne, Khmelnytskyi, and AR Crimea.

The shows and discussion of the festival films will be performed in the cinemas, houses of culture, universities, schools, youth clubs, bookstores, libraries, as well as in the penitentiary system institutions. The audience will be able to communicate with the famous human rights activists, cultural figures and artists.

The central subject of the present Festival is "Through illusion", because today the countries and the people bid farewell to many of their illusions. Illusion has been destroyed about the stability of that world order being agreed to jointly by strong democratic countries. Illusion of the entire world about Ukraine's weakness and the inability of the Ukrainians to self-organize has dissipated. In its turn, a fundamental question concerns the Ukrainians: isn't it time the authorities and society to get rid of the illusion the country to be reformed without changes of underlying relations in the economic, social and cultural spheres.

In the framework of the Travelling Docudays UA in Uzhhorod a rich program of films is offered, which raises the issues common to both Ukraine and the entire world.

The program of the Festival:

December 2016 - Alisa in Warland / Alisa Kovalenko, Lyubov Durakova / Poland, 2015 / 76'
When revolution has started on the Maidan, Alisa was 26 years old. Like many other stage directors, she started filming important events took place in her country. But very soon the distance between the camera and reality begins to decline, life and death become more important than just a film, and over the next two years Alisa is in the hot spots of the riots: from the Independence Square in Kiev, through the checkpoints of Slovyansk to the ruins of the Donetsk airport. It is also the story of a trip and personal diary of the Ukrainian girl-documentalist facing with a choice, just like the most citizens of her country, when historical events suddenly burst into personal life.

Discussion and consideration at the participation of human rights activist Maksym Butkevych: "Is this war ours or theirs". Coverage of events in Donbas.

December 3, 2016 - Lampedusa in Winter / Jacob Brossman / Austria, Italy, Switzerland 2015 / 93'
Lampedusa, Italian "island of refugees", firmly covered winter gloom. The tourists have left the island, where there are only refugees fighting for the right to go to the mainland. After the fire destroys the old ferry connecting the island to Italy, the mayor Dzhuzi Nicolini and local fishermen has started fight for a new ship. A tiny community on the outskirts of Europe desperately struggle for solidarity with those whom many consider to be the cause of the crisis: by people arrived on boats from Africa.

Discussion and consideration at the participation of human rights activist Maksym Butkevych/ Flash mob : "#Branchlevel #RefugeesAreWelcome"

4 Dec 2016 - Those Who Said No / Nima Sarvestani / Sweden 2014, 89'
After decades of silence the survivors and relatives of victims of mass violence are establishing People's court. They would testify against the crimes committed by the Islamic state in Iran, crimes hidden from the public for over 25 years. The responsible for them now occupy high government positions in Iran. Their secret would be safe due to the efforts of those survived. In 2013 the International Tribunal is convened to an International Court in the Hague as to the case of Iran. Currently, they will be able to bring Iran to justice for the crimes against humanity.

Discussion and debates at the participation of human rights activist Maksym Butkevych/ Flash mob: Free Sentsov and Kolchenko / Writing cards to political prisoners.

December 5, 2016 - Cycle of films "Encyclopedia of Maidan" directed by Sergei Lysenko

Discussion and consideration at the participation of human rights activist/lawyer Eugenia Melesh and human rights activist Maksym Butkevych / Location: UzNU (Medical Faculty) for the foreign students

December 6, 2016 - Hooligan Sparrow / Nanfu Wong / USA, China 2016 / 84'
Danger lurks in the brave young filmmaker following free-thinking activist Ye Hain (nicknamed Hooligan Sparrow) and a group of her supporters in the Hainan province in south of China to protest against sexual violence suffered by six students of Junior school from the Director. The activists being marked by the enemies of the state are under the control of the government and are forced to endure interrogations, harassment and arrests. Sparrow is known for her information and propagandist activities aimed at protecting the rights of the workers in sex industry, she continues to fight for the rights of women and girls, and she is assisted by the strength and inclusiveness of the social networks.

Discussion and consideration at the participation of human rights activist Maksym Butkevych.

December 09, 2016 - Film showing: Living fire / Ostap Kostyuk / Ukraine 2014 / 77'
Art documentary film about the life of shepherds in the Ukrainian Carpathians and the fate of traditional crafts on the background of modern changes. About daily work without days off and right to be weak. About a harmonious world, which we lost seeking for comfort and the childhood that we leave wearing on adult roles.

Discussion and consideration at the participation of representatives of environmental organizations / Flash mob: Stop Cutting Carpathian Forests

December 10, 2016 - Film showing: Ten seconds / Yuliya Gontaruk / 2016 / 69'
Film about people and the city lost in time and space. About how quickly life can be change, and how even after irreparable there are things remaining unchanged. The film contains is inspired by events resulted after firing the residential district "Eastern" in Mariupol city on January 24, 2015. The fire was performed from the systems of volley fire "Grad" from the territory occupied by Pro-Russian militants.

Discussion and consideration.

Educational and human rights workshops and discussions will be performed at the participation of prominent human rights activist Maksym Butkevych in the framework of the human rights program of Traveling Festival.

The Festival partners in the regions of Ukraine are 51 leading youth, public and human rights organizations and 205 film clubs of Media Awareness on human rights Docudays UA. Details of the program of regional showing are available at the official website of Travelling Festival Docudays UA

The purpose of Travelling Festival

Promote the popularization and development of documentary film and increase the level of human rights observance in Ukraine.

The mission of Travelling Festival

We create opportunities for every person in Ukraine to watch the most talented and relevant documentary cinema from around the world. In this way we contribute to the development of critical thinking, active citizenship position and respect for human dignity as the highest value. Implementing our mission, we also promote popularization and development of documentary film and increasing the level of human rights observance in Ukraine.

The Festival is non-political and non-profit.


Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union
  • PO "Pivden"
  • Kherson regional Fund of charity and health
  • PO "Center of modern information technologies and visual arts"


  • State Agency of Ukraine for Movie
  • International network of film festivals on human rights

Traveling International Festival of Documentary Films on Human Rights Docudays UA is held with the support of the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine.

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