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Medical Aid Committee in Zakarpattya - About

About us

Charitable Organization 'Medical Aid Committee in Zakarpattya" has been active since 2000. The scope of our Organization's activity is to participate actively in reforming governmental facilities for children and adults with disabilities as well as in developing civil society in Ukraine.

Our main general principles: impartiality, indifference to politics, tolerance and personal involvement.

    In practice, it means that we:
      1. Work in the orphanages and assist improving real-life situation of disable children and adults as well (projects "Parasolka", "Monitoring", "Accompaniment and Support of Vilshany Children's Orphanage")
      2. Assist and involve others to help the refugees, migrants, asylum seekers and internally displaced persons
      3. Work on prevention of racism and xenophobia discourse through Mass Media Monitoring and public awareness raising
      4. Support all active persons in every possible way in building up civil society institutions

We seek developing projects in a way they to be existed unassisted in future. Our experts elaborate theoretical, practical materials and other documentation. It will come useful for everybody engaged in accompaniment of vulnerable social segments of Ukrainian population.

Our awards

  • 2006 – the award of the government of French Republic for contribution to the development of Vilshany Children Orphanage and assistance to children with disabilities.
  • 2011 – Swiss Human Rights Award “Open Borders” for vigorous activity in the sphere of refugees, migrants, socially vulnerably groups of population and minorities’ protection, who are in need of protection in Europe.

Our team

Natalia Kabatsiy

Natalia Kabatsiy – Director
The person having in mind all the details on each of numerous Committee’s projects, who will make up a working strategy in any project in the course of ten minutes, perfectly knows French and will definitely come to assistance as circumstances may require.

Nadiya Danch

Nadiya Danch – Project Coordinator, Social Worker
The multi-skilled Coordinator – working directly with the clients, adults and children with/without disability as well, designer and supervisor of any profile of repair works and just an accountant (even though, she does not admit it).

Lesya Levko

Lesya Levko – Project Coordinator, German Translator
Excellent tactful translator – diplomat. Organizer and motivator of both working discipline and active rest as well.

Kateryna Baleha

Kateryna Baleha – Project Coordinator, Psychologist
The Psychologist, who will not attach labels or diagnosis, but just professionally assist you in problem solution either with special children and complicated adults, or persons with drug addiction or HIV status, etc. …Refined sense of humor accompanies here in all things.

Oksana Yuriychuk

Oksana Yuriychuk – English Translator
Mother of many children managing to translate in any moment faster than any online resource.

Eugenia Melesh

Eugenia Melesh – Lawye
Human rights activist or just a real human rights defender

Anzhelika Klaizner

Anzhelika Klaizner – PR-Manager
She is able to describe and generalize the whole range of the Committee’s activity, thereat, not becoming confused.

Tetyana Kozel

Tetyana Kozel – Doctor
Just Doctor Tanya (refugees from Somalia, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Pakistan … called her like that).

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